Food Service

Food Service

Fresherized™ Foods Avocado & Guacamole

  • “Always Ripe – Always Ready”
  • All natural with no preservatives or additives
  • Added food safety benefits with Fresherized™ process
  • 16 pound yield per case
  • Consistent flavor and texture
  • Always ready for immediate use
  • Stable costs per case
  • No labor costs
  • 4 to 6 hours table life before browning
  • Recipe/ingredient control by using exact weight pouches and tubs
  • About ½ less cooler space used per case

Always Ripe and Always Ready

Fresherized™ Foods avocado and Wholly Guacamole product are perfectly ripened and ready for immediate use. No additional labor needed! Just open and serve!

All Natural, Fresh-Made Flavor.

Fresherized™ Foods offers the freshest, highest-quality avocado and guacamole products! Each package is all natural with no preservatives and Fresherized™ – 100% safe and free of food pathogens.

The Greatness of Avocados

Avocados are a nutrient rich food with over 20 vitamins and minerals, including potassium and folate. Because of their density, avocados, like bananas, are filling and a perfectly digestible slow-burning fuel-like food, which makes them ideal for replenishing nutrients for athletes. Avocados are also naturally trans-fat and cholesterol free! Fresh Avocados

Food Service

Commodity Avocados

  • Overripe or green fruits create loss per case
  • Liability of cross contamination by adding
    processing step and potential bacteria on
    avocado skins
  • 12.5 pound yield per case
  • Avocados always vary in flavor and texture
  • Must peel, cut and mash
  • Unpredictable variable cost per case
  • 45 minutes to an hour of labor to process each case
  • 45 minutes of table life before browning
  • Individual fresh avocados create difficulty for recipe/portion control
  • Takes up more cooler space

Consistent Flavor And Texture

Fresherized™ Foods avocado and Wholly Guacamole products are consistent in taste and texture year-round. We pick and process all avocados at their peak when they are ripe and full of flavor. Our Fresherized™ process locks in flavor and provides a great, fresh-tasting product. Perfect for immediate use or as an ingredient for your own signature guacamole and avocado menu items.

The Goodness and Safety of Avocado
and Guacamole Begins at Fresherized

As the pioneer in utilizing High Pressure Processing (HPP), Fresherized™ Foods has revolutionized the food manufacturing industry. The HPP technology allows us to produce products with unparalleled food safety while maintaining an all-natural high quality fresh tasting product. Better put, our products are Fresherized™ as a post-packaging lethality step in many RTE food applications, it is been continually recognized as having the highest standards.


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